This shouldn’t surprise anyone, but you need to be aware of this: the title companies are closely following all of the focus on allegations (or concerns about) what is called "robo foreclosures" (see my prior posts).  And they are taking action.

I’ve been told that several of the largest title insurance companies have

In earlier postings, we’ve covered:

These are all good steps.

But they overlook an equally important step:

This is the second part of a two-part series laying out a quick checklist covering title insurance issuesand highlighting topics that should be investigated.  This is an important and often overlooked topic.

  1. Was UCC insurance obtained (covering attachment, perfection and priority of lender’s security interest in personal property)?  Here are the types of

No surprise at this statement:  When the real estate mortgage nears the ditch, the lien priority of the loan and the status of the title (such as easements, deed restrictions, access rights and lien priority) all come under scrutiny.

One important point of inquiry is the title policy covering the loan.  An “audit” or review