Title insurance policy

In many cities, urban growth now fills the farmland that once surrounded Navy and Air Force airfields.  Real estate development and finance near Navy and Air Force runways, however, requires special attention to a special set of restrictions called “AICUZ.”  These Department of Defense regulations severely restrict land located near military runways.  It

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, but you need to be aware of this: the title companies are closely following all of the focus on allegations (or concerns about) what is called "robo foreclosures" (see my prior posts).  And they are taking action.

I’ve been told that several of the largest title insurance companies have

In earlier postings, we’ve covered:

These are all good steps.

But they overlook an equally important step:

The existence and continuation of title insurance coverage is an important issue in every workout and real estate collateral recovery plan.  (Recall the earlier posting on construction loan policy binders).

The recent bankruptcy filing by LandAmerica Financial Group has focused many of us on this basic issue.

This announcement from the American College of Mortgage