Smart uses of technology in our work go beyond mastering the most essential software, or using the coolest hardware.  Smart use of technology includes an “old school” focus on one benefit of technology that is grounded in a thoughtful layout of your office and of your desktop: collaboration. Here are some observations on how I

iPads are appearing in the hands of lawyers at my office at an amazing pace – and in the hands of people who I remember didn’t know how to open an e-mail years ago.

OK, I’ll go a step further: tablets are now in the hands of people who in the past questioned me on all of the tech tools that I’ve carried in to meetings.  (They hounded me so hard about that Casio on my belt in the early ’90s, that I still carry [hide] my iPhone in my pocket – 20 years later!)

The questions tossed my way are a nice time-line of personal technology in the workout work place:

  • why is it important for you to carry all of your Contacts on that Casio digital organizer?
  • why do you really need to now carry that PalmPilot; is access to your calendar really that important?
  • why the keyboard to type notes on your Palm?
  • can you really read documents on your Blackberry?
  • AND NOW (as we leave a meeting): I haven’t even gotten out of my chair, and you’re already e-mailing me the task list ?  (Give me a break.)  So, that iPad really isn’t just a toy?

Here’s why I’m always pushing technology into my work flow or process:

  • I want to do things once and not touch it again until I need it
  • I don’t want to “look” for the note pad, follow up list or important information in a stack of paper
  • I want to totally focus on the immediate task; and use technology to “refresh” my focus as I face the next task, or continue an earlier task
  • Energy is precious and I don’t want to waste it

If this resonates with you, then take the leap and start using a tablet.  If it is an iPad, then here are some tips:

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