Most commercial real estate loan documents give meaning to the phrase “real estate is old as dirt.”  Why? Because just as dirt doesn’t change, commercial mortgage loan documents largely ignore the impact of technology on the physical attributes, use and operations of the property.   Take another look at your mortgage loan forms with these

If, like most financial services companies, your department or work team only receives nominal support from your technology group, then my piece in the April issue of Law Practice Today  should interest you: it lays out  a fourfold strategy for better utilizing tech tools.  With fewer people doing more (the new workplace mantra), access to

The hunt for "robo foreclosure" (or "robot foreclosure") lenders and servicers now has seeped out to an investigation of MERS, which is a database registry that keeps track of the owners of residential (and some commercial) mortgages.

I was on the MBA committee that implemented MERS into the commercial mortgage (CMBS) space; so, I’m