For the second year in a row, I tabulated the most popular postings from 2010 here at ToughTimesForLenders (TT4L).

Your favorite postings show ’10 as a transition year, with significant financial reform, continuous stress testing and important lessons learned – but topped with a more positive outlook for 2011.

I know: this probably is a

This year comes to an end with a commercial real estate market looking different than 2009.  Sure, defaults on commercial mortgage loans are mounting, and investors remain concerned. Yet, at the same time, the public credit market (CMBS) is slowly making a come-back. In the midst of this change, there are good lessons to be learned –

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In the midst of the loan defaults, maturity defaults and imminent  (coming soon) defaults, lenders and loan servicers are discovering (or uncovering) ways that the loan documents properly (or improperly) address the problems and challenges of the latest recession (or