If you collateral is a green building, then a litany of unique issues and approaches come into play.

Recently I discussed this topic with Bill Weinberg – my green building expert.

Here are a few "high level" issues offered up by Bill to get our attention (prior blog) –

  • What is nature of

We’re investigating green buildings, from the perspective that some portion of the huge amount of distressed commercial real estate will include some green buildings.

Earlier this week, Bill Weinberg focused us on these preliminary topics:

  • is the collateral raw land or does it include improvements (buildings or other structures)?
  • operational and maintenance issues, including

Guest Writer, Laura P. Sims, Winstead PC

This is a special series of blog entries in which we provide quick answers to lenders’ frequently asked questions related to tenant leases (FAQ). Leases are "the" whole point of income producing property—and this series is pointed to the simple goal of helping you protect the basic value