The National Mortgage News recently commented on a Moody’s finding that short sales (described below) increasingly are being used as a tool to mitigate losses on distressed residential loans.  Faced with increased liquidation costs due to lengthy foreclosure processes and advances for taxes, insurance and maintenance or repair costs, National Mortgage News notes (from the

We all know that recovery for the commercial real estate market will depend, at some level, on greater liquidity in the credit markets.  Sure, owners will need to "right size" or revalue their property (by paying down their current debt, purchasing their current debt at a discount, etc.), but eventually the time will come when

After almost 300 postings since our first one in September, 2008, it’s time to give the borrower perspective more than a few quick comments. During this time period, I’ve touched on the borrower view of CMBS loans and gave a few quick, general tips in the nature of “do this” and “don’t do this” in