I’ve already commented on this MAJOR drag for the recovery of the commercial real estate markets:  little liquidity from the public markets – primarily the void formed by the absence of a significant volume of new CMBS loans (now known as "CMBS 2.0").

Last week, S&P withdrew from rating new CMBS pools or issuances.  Yes, out

We all know that recovery for the commercial real estate market will depend, at some level, on greater liquidity in the credit markets.  Sure, owners will need to "right size" or revalue their property (by paying down their current debt, purchasing their current debt at a discount, etc.), but eventually the time will come when

I have asked these questions before –

In a rough sense, the first bullet is a new form of "lender liability."

On Monday and Tuesday of this week

Perhaps the most important “message” from this year’s MBA-CREF convention is this question: 

  • Will we (finally) see increased liquidity in the commercial real estate finance sector in ’11? 

The convention placed a unanimous “yes” to the question, based upon the “return” of the CMBS lending product – as evidenced by recent securitizations, the large number

One outcome from the Ibanez case: comments made by Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism and by Adam Levitin at Credit Slips are now receiving renewed attention: