Back in December of ’10, I gave you a list of lease provisions that are crafted to address topics unique to “green” buildings. Here’s another version or update on the list:

  • insurance provisions
  • annual environmental performance report (access to space, access to the report, etc.)
  • carbon credits (they belong to Landlord!)
  • building operations (in compliance

Yesterday (Sunday) was the first day of the 2012 MBA-CREF Convention.  The theme or tag-line is “Where Market Makers Meet.”

The formal sessions start today, which cover content planned by the various councils comprising the MBA.

Some times the “off the record” content is just as interesting as the planned presentations.  (Or maybe they

Based upon a series of wins by MERS in various courts, it looked like MERS would survive, and we’d avoid the need for a federal solution in suppport of  the continued use of the MERS electronic registry, which is a fundamental component of  securitized home loans (and some commercial loans).

That was yesterday.

Today, the

2012 should be the year when online sales broadly impacts "how" retailers view and use their "physical" stores.  This will impact both the owners AND the lenders.

Record online sales point to the need (RIGHT NOW) to take a different approach in reviewing and approving retail leases – which for lenders with shopping center and