Recently, the Mortgage Bankers Association published its “National Delinquency Survey” for the fourth quarter of 2011.   The report covers the delinquency and foreclosures  rates on first-lien mortgage loans, and includes @ 88% of all single family homes in the US.  Although the survey does NOT cover commercial mortgages, the data gives us important

I’ll admit it: I’m old and getting older.

This hit me earlier this week as I argued  with a lawyer about the enforceability of due-on-sale clauses in commercial mortgages.  The conversations boggled my mind, because the debate was “settled” in 1982 when Garn-St. Germain (citation below) was enacted – and the debate ended: due-on-sale clauses

Yesterday (Sunday) was the first day of the 2012 MBA-CREF Convention.  The theme or tag-line is “Where Market Makers Meet.”

The formal sessions start today, which cover content planned by the various councils comprising the MBA.

Some times the “off the record” content is just as interesting as the planned presentations.  (Or maybe they