As I look around the business landscape, much of the focus of company growth seems to center on leveraging the internet for greater connections (with their trading partners) and for more information (“big data”). It’s a party. My perspective is that lawyers soon will be invited to participate in the party. But right now – despite all of the hype of lawyers as being “important business partner and advisers” –  lawyers are sitting out the dance. Left behind at the curb. Think about all of the investment and energy on this topic, yet so little of it is directed at using technology (what seems to now be a fundamental tool) to achieve greater connection and more information from company lawyers (whether in-house counsel or outside law firms). In the last month, I”ve talked with two significant companies about ways to include lawyers in this fundamental topic. Here is a screen shot of my “mindmap” overview. Questions for you:

  • are you seeing this, too?
  • where is this going?

My perspective is that lawyers soon will be joining the party, and will no longer be left behind at the curb. Please give share your comments below.