Next month, I’ll be speaking on legal technology topics (with a real estate finance focus) at the University of Texas School of Law Mortgage Lending Institute.  The MLI is “the” annual gathering of outside and in-house counsel on mortgage lending in Texas. The presentation will be a real scramble – too much to hit during 50 minutes. The portion of the tech presentation on my favorite iPad apps, used by me as I work work in mortgage finance, always keeps everyone’s attention. Here’s a link to the PDF  (MLI 2012 Tech Presentation iPad (Sept 10 v3)) of the iPad portion of the presentation.  (This is a the “short” version.) The list of apps and presentation changes every few months. If you’ll be attending any of the two “live” presentations, please contact me.  I’ll enjoy meeting you. And, please tell us about your favorite apps in in the comment section below.