So long as the software and tech tools on our desktops merely improve the “process” of our work (our work flow), those tools will continue to pile up our desktops – IT is proud but the desktop remains under utilized by the people that matter. But bring us a tool that makes our work product a winner in the market – then the tool strikes like Thunder chasing Heat in a land rush:     The In-house Texas section of the current issue of Texas Lawyer has a piece written by me crafted around this simple approach for in-house counsel (AND for all the rest of us):

  • improve your department’s or team’s performance with a focus on key work tasks
  • associate key tasks with existing software or technology tools
  • use them . . . use them (the easy ones first and when mastered, moving on toward the more challenging tasks & tools)

My suggested plan is both practical and achievable.  The plan points toward hitting the work-place trifecta: be better, faster & cheaper. Unfortunately, the trifecta is probably “why” we all need help, or nudging, to start the painful process of using technology to change our work flow, our pattern, our process, our work day. The trifecta and the current tech tools miss a very important motivational mark for us: we want a tool that –

  • is a game changer for our work product in the market place
  • give our work product a significant advantage over the competition

Until the trifecta is replaced with a market changer on our desktop, at best we’ll plod along with incremental improvements in our use of tech tools. But we all want more at work – something to rush after. If you view this differently, or have an comment, please share it with us.