We’re all looking for realistic and meaningful tips on “how” technology will improve our work lives, and our work product. If this is a challenge for you, or for others in your work group or department, then my article in the Law Practice Today webzine should help you. The American work place is summed up in these phrases:

  • it’s all about fewer people doing more in less space
  • we know that better use of technology offers an answer
  • but right now technology itself is killing us (e-mail alone is a poison pill) (and don’t give me one more website and password)

One of my short-list goals this year is to improve in my use of technology. Although my article is written with in-house counsel in mind, the problems and my tips apply to all of us – whether we lead a work team or a department, or simply struggle in our use of technology as we work. One tech tool working more and more for me?  It is my iPad.  I’ll give you my top 10 apps  in a future posting. If you have helpful tech tip, please share them below.