In several weeks, I’ll be giving a presentation on using an iPad at work.  The audience will be leadership and most active members of the American College of Mortgage Attorneys.  (Yes, I’ll be buying Jake a dinner.) I’ll give a brief overview of “how ” to use the iPad, accessories, initial steps and then jump into 10 examples of my use of my iPad during my day in commercial real estate finance – both in the good stuff (new loans, etc.) and the bad stuff (workouts and remedies). The topic is huge and even overwhelming.  So, my focus will be small – which is good because for many of us, taking the iPad from personal uses to work is a huge leap.  Even mind boggling. After all, the iPad is for our personal lives; for Facebook; for games; for books;  and reading e-mail; right? Following law school, I worked for a Federal Appellate Judge. It was a wonderful experience, principally because he was (and is) a very thoughtful and wise  man.  Of the many lessons he taught me, this one is in the “top tier” list: “every case has a single question that resolves it; find it.” So, during the clerkship with Judge, as I dug through the cart full of trial testimony and briefs (often thousands of pages) (yes, “hard” copy – back in the dark ages), my focus was –

  • “Don’t make it complicated.  Keep it simple.  Even single. Where’s the question?”

Most of us have the same thoughts in our longing to use the iPad at work.

  • what is the best resource or guidance on using an iPad at my work?
  • keeping it simple, where do I start? where do I go?
  • HELP!!!!

These three books are the best resources – and do NOT let the “lawyers” stuff stop you from using them (the “hard core” lawyer stuff is only a small portion of Tom Mighell’s books):

  • iPad at Work by David Sparks (lawyer; blogger) (available in hard copy and electronic) (Amazon link)
  • iPad in One Hour for Lawyers by Tom Mighell (linkedin) (available at the ABA book store and Amazon) (hard copy only [bummer . . .  but don’t blame Tom])
  • iPad Apps in One Hour for Lawyers by Tom Mighell (available at the ABA book store) (hard copy only [bummer . . .  but don’t blame Tom])

Yes, there are some great blogs on this topic (including David’s and Tom’s).  I’ll list my favorite blogs sometime.  But, if you’re looking for thoughtful guidance, focused on “using my iPad at work” – then the simple answer is these three books. Please share your advice, or even other books, by commenting below.