Today I’ll share my 10+ favorite apps, and some tips and resources, on “how” I use my iPad as I work in commercial real estate finance.  The sessions will be a short hour “break” for the leadership of the American College of Mortgage Attorneys.  This group is sharp.  So the session will be quick witted, pointed and fast moving. Attached is a iPad presentation (April 20 2012 v1) ACMA Regents final Just to make the session a little more  . . . interesting, I’ll be doing it without the use of a projector or any other AV device.  I have a handout for the group, just in case this approach flops:

  • I’ll use the “idea flight” iPad app, which will allow up to 30 people (or “passengers”) to view the presentation on their iPads, as I remotely “drive” it from my iPad (as the “pilot”).

I have two iPads with me, and it has worked great in my practice runs.  (And “thanks” to Tom Mighell for directing me to this app – and yes, I strongly encourage people to buy Tom’s two iPad & app books, and follow his iPad blog.) Why simply “talk” about using an iPad at work, when idea flight gives us a collaborative experience? Each of us holding, and then test driving apps, is a much, much, much better than the standard “sit there and listen” experience.  Indeed:

We won’t be “toying” around in this presentation.  Each of us will put our iPads to work.  (Do you know of any other real estate or finance industry group that has done this?)  (Yes . . . I’m nervous.) Here’s my top 10 apps for use in commercial real estate finance:

  1. Flipboard – “personal” magazine-style news, blogs, twitter, Facebook, etc. (free)
  2. Documents to Go Premium – view and edit Microsoft Office documents ($16.99)
  3. CloudOn – Word, PPoint & Excel in the “cloud” (free)
  4. Note Master – note-taking app; syncs with Google docs ( $3.99)
  5. Noteshelf – handwrittng note-taking app ($4.99)
  6. “new” iPad Voice Dictation
  7. iAnnotate PDF – save files to PDF 8( annotate ($9.99)
  8. PDF Converter – save files to PDF format ($6.99)
  9. Fastcase – legal research (free, but full use requires Fastcase subscription)
  10. GeeTasksPro – task and deal lists; syncs with Google Tasks ($7.99)

I hope this is helpful. Please post your favorite apps below, or your comments on the attached presentation.