If, like most financial services companies, your department or work team only receives nominal support from your technology group, then my piece in the April issue of Law Practice Today  should interest you: it lays out  a fourfold strategy for better utilizing tech tools.  With fewer people doing more (the new workplace mantra), access to tech tools become our life vest. Clearly, in the struggle to win dollars for use in technology tools to support business platforms, most (all?) financial services companies pour money into the retail or consumer side of the platform.  And what is the level of technology spend available to the investment side of the platform?  Bare-bones.  Just enough to get by.  Or, perhaps more when the retail side is full (as it digests the latest and greatest up-grade). Although my piece is directed at in-house counsel, the content is relevant to all of us on these topics:

  • embrace collaboration
  • increase face time
  • standardize documentation
  • collect important information

This is a high level overview, with a few practical tips.  I’ll burrow done into these topics in the future. If you have advice or questions, please comment below.