Back in December of ’10, I gave you a list of lease provisions that are crafted to address topics unique to “green” buildings. Here’s another version or update on the list:

  • insurance provisions
  • annual environmental performance report (access to space, access to the report, etc.)
  • carbon credits (they belong to Landlord!)
  • building operations (in compliance with applicable green building standards)
  • substitution of space (same standards as original space)
  • janitorial and cleaning services (and specifications)
  • utilities and compliance with applicable green building standards
  • bicycle storage
  • tenant finish requirements (for example, high-efficiency plumbing fixtures, appliances, light bulbs, etc.)
  • use of renewable energy suppliers

If you’re dealing with a green building, consider having both this list and the earlier list at your elbow as you review leases in the building. Green buildings are different; so are the leases. (For my other comments on “green” buildings, search the blog with the search term “green.”) If you have additional provisions to add, please share them with us by commenting below.