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Business Focus on Connections & Information Ignores . . . Lawyers

Posted in Market Trends, Technology (including Green Buildings)

As I look around the business landscape, much of the focus of company growth seems to center on leveraging the internet for greater connections (with their trading partners) and for more information (“big data”). It’s a party. My perspective is that lawyers soon will be invited to participate in the party. But right now –… Continue Reading

Nominal Tech $$s in Your Company Budget? 4 Easy Steps on “How” to Better Use Tech Tools in Your Work

Posted in Technology (including Green Buildings)

If, like most financial services companies, your department or work team only receives nominal support from your technology group, then my piece in the April issue of Law Practice Today  should interest you: it lays out  a fourfold strategy for better utilizing tech tools.  With fewer people doing more (the new workplace mantra), access to tech tools… Continue Reading

Work Flow and Volume Tough to Manage? Here are some tips

Posted in Technology (including Green Buildings)

We’re all looking for realistic and meaningful tips on “how” technology will improve our work lives, and our work product. If this is a challenge for you, or for others in your work group or department, then my article in the Law Practice Today webzine should help you. The American work place is summed up in these phrases: it’s… Continue Reading

Technology: When and How Will Tech Tools (Finally) Help?

Posted in Market Trends, Technology (including Green Buildings)

Earlier this month, the Corporate Executive Board announced (Bloomberg story) that it will collaborate with Legal OnRamp in an initiative to bring new resources to law department members of the General Counsel Roundtable (which is a program of the Corporate Executive Board).  The goal of the initiative is to enable in-house counsel to network and… Continue Reading