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Nominal Tech $$s in Your Company Budget? 4 Easy Steps on “How” to Better Use Tech Tools in Your Work

Posted in Technology (including Green Buildings)

If, like most financial services companies, your department or work team only receives nominal support from your technology group, then my piece in the April issue of Law Practice Today  should interest you: it lays out  a fourfold strategy for better utilizing tech tools.  With fewer people doing more (the new workplace mantra), access to tech tools… Continue Reading

Work Flow and Volume Tough to Manage? Here are some tips

Posted in Technology (including Green Buildings)

We’re all looking for realistic and meaningful tips on “how” technology will improve our work lives, and our work product. If this is a challenge for you, or for others in your work group or department, then my article in the Law Practice Today webzine should help you. The American work place is summed up in these phrases: it’s… Continue Reading

MBA Servicing & Technology Conference: New Uses of Technology – Outside Counsel As A Source For Legal Data And As A Free 24/7 Training Resource

Posted in Good Times for Lenders, Market Trends, Technology (including Green Buildings)

(Blogging from or about the MBA Servicing & Technology Conference . . . .) (Day One blog) (Day Two blog) On the first day of the conference, I had the pleasure of being on a panel with Bill Frazer (CBRE Capital Markets), Steven Bean (Situs Realty Services, Inc) and Catherine Rodewald (Prudential Mortgage Capital Company).  Each is a leader… Continue Reading