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eSign & Commercial Finance: On the Bank Report Card in 2016

Posted in Good Times for Lenders, Regulatory, Technology Innovation, Technology Notes, Value Alignment (Client Interests)

Last year, a new topic started to appear in commercial mortgage loan documents: provisions covering the use of electronic documents (aka “electronic records” or “eDocs”).  Unfortunately, two provisions examined by me were not completely correct.  (And until recently, I made the same mistakes.) These provisions, however imperfect, support my bet that starting in 2016, the implementation… Continue Reading

Regulatory Cost Collaboration By ALL! (Even the Lawyers)

Posted in Compliance, Technology Innovation, Technology Notes

In meetings with senior executives and their in-house counsel, I hear this consistent cry: due to ever-increasing regulations, costs associated with compliance are soaring at commercial banks and at financial institutions that own banks (such as life insurance companies).  As a result, “regulatory cost collaboration” is becoming a key strategy for financial institutions with their… Continue Reading